Reptiles: Tough Yet Gentle Companions

Reptiles: Tough Yet Gentle Companions

Reptiles have an exotic beauty that absorbs and mesmerizes. They are the oldest known type of animals on the planet. Some can be very complacent, and some are affectionate and could bond with you quite easily.

Pet trade, specifically in reptilians, is a growing market around the globe. Just like cats and dogs, reptiles are good pets. Many people tend to be allergic to animal dander and fur, but the need for companionship can never be ignored. Reptiles are the best choice for a companion for these people. However, deciding to get a pet can be a tedious issue worth considering.

Getting a reptile as a pet or retailing them requires at least basic knowledge and dedication. We are talking about pets that are tough yet fragile. Some of them can be as delicate as a baby, or can be as tough as a coconut.

Am I up to taking care of someone else besides myself? A reptile requires specific temperatures and specialized diets. You would need to understand the recommended temperature and the diet of the reptile you would like to take care of. This could mean their lives if you are not able to comply with these basic things.

Reptiles as Companions

Deciding to take care of reptiles’ needs have some considerations - for both the reptile and you. Understanding them is the key. They have a lifespan of 5 to 20 years (depending on the breed). The level of responsibility to be able to take care of one would have to be rated as low to medium. You would have to feed, clean, and nurture them. It is also a good thing that they are not messy guys. Proper vet care needs to be met as well, after all we are taking care of life - theirs.

Some kinds of reptiles do not need much attention, although that does not mean you can ignore them for days before remembering that you have a pet. Some of them can be quite affectionate. If you show them love, they will give you love. Having a reptile around the house is a relaxing experience, as well as an educational one.

My First Reptile

Some people will argue about what the best, first reptile pet is. However, it still all depends on the person who is going to get one. Some of the suggestions seem to be reasonable; some are as absurd as they can be. No matter what the suggestion may be, it is still best to stick to facts.

When we say ‘reptiles,’ lizards are the first ones that come to mind. This is brought about by the early knowledge exposure of nearly everyone to dinosaurs! However, when we say reptiles it would mean a whole class of animals; from lizards to snakes, crocodiles and alligators, turtles, down to the tuataras.

Iguanas are lizards that are popular among reptile pet owners; however, they are not recommended for beginners since they grow big, and they tend to become aggressive as they grow older. Leopard geckos though are a good choice! Relatively small in size and care is a breeze. Some reptiles need a controlled environment, as well as UV lighting, but not the leopard gecko. They are nocturnal by nature, so there is no need for UV light. They eat practically every kind of insect making them easy to feed. They are gentle and pretty much easy to handle.

Snakes are another favorite among first time pet owners. However, feeding them is pretty tricky! They are known to eat whole mice or rats once a week. These squiggly ones do not require UV lights. The corn snake is one of the favorites in this specie. They are gentle and only reach a length of 3 to 5 feet or so. They can keep you company for up to 10 years. However, they are very good at escaping their enclosure; so be very, very careful about keeping the lid tightly closed if you would not want to let lose one.

Another snake suitable for first time owners would be the ball python. They grow from between 3 to 5 feet in length and can keep up with you for up to 20 to 30 years. However, when you buy them, ask the store owner to give you a feeding demo as these guys are known for refusing to eat.

Turtles are very gentle creatures. They are slow, yet the good side of this is that a turtle can teach a child about patience and calm a restless child. Turtles need a certain amount of care though slow creatures they may be.


Trends in the pet industry usually give both pet retailers and owners updates and additional knowledge about their pets. These could be information on new discoveries that could peak their interests. One of such trending topics worldwide is the introduction of the steppe runner. These friendly creatures from Eastern Europe are good companions; being lively, inexpensive to care for, and hardy creatures with an affectionate nature.

Take Me Home

Reptiles are animals. They live, breathe, and can feel. They even have the same nerve structure as you and me! So when you decide to get one for a pet, you are not just getting an animal in your home and dumping him in a controlled environment container. Instead, you are getting a pet that is going to live with you. You are getting him to be a companion and part of your family. Nurture him, love him, and never fail to give him the best care that you can give.