First in First Out Squeeze Bottle

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FIFO BOTTLE™ dispenses from the bottom of bottle through a non-drip silicone valve and fills from the top. These bottles are long lasting and have shown savings up to 15% compared to a standard bottle. 

  • 24oz (710ml) FIFO BOTTLE™ 
  • Medium Valve Bottom Dispensing Caps
  • White Label Caps 

  • Fast Dispensing
  • Easy to Clean and Fill. Wide-mouth opening at both ends.
  • Capable of dispensing particulates up to 1/8" inch.
  • Proper food Rotation, First-In food is the First-Out
  • Medium Valves are ideal for a wide range of food viscosities. 

    Bottle Dimensions:
  • Bottle diameter: 2.99" (7.6cm)
  • Bottle height: 8.25" (21cm)