Repti-Viv PRO - Arboreal Reptile Terrarium

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Introducing the Repti Viv PRO! A modern reptile terrarium that ships flat to allow for safe shipping worldwide! The Repti-Viv Pro comes in two sizes, 11in x 12.5in x 18in and 15in x 17in x 24in. Weird sizes? Not really. These are specifically designed to fit on bakers racks. So our Medium Viv will fit 4 per shelf and our Large Viv will fit 3 per shelf. NO MORE WASTED SPACE! 

This terrarium is constructed out of extruded aluminum and 4mm acrylic and includes an aluminum screen top to allow for heat lamps. The small only weighs 7 pounds and the large weighs 14 pounds. That's 30% lighter than traditional glass terrariums!